• The School Resource Officer is a certified police officer that is assigned full-time to a school. For this, SRO's receive many hours of ongoing specialized training. The concept is similar to the "cop on foot patrol" who knows the public he serves on a first name basis and is sensitive to their particular needs.

    SRO's are Law Enforcement Officers, Informal Counselors, Teachers of Law Related Education, and Role Models. Like many adults, some students view police officers solely as enforcers of the laws. By establishing a daily rapport with their school’s SRO, students not only gain positive role models, but also a better understanding of police officers’ many other duties and responsibilities.

    Likewise, SRO’s will gain a better perspective of the youngsters in their schools. By carefully assessing the needs of individual students, SRO’s are more aware of the development of unhealthy or destructive behavioral patterns. Through early intervention it is possible, in many cases, to redirect negative behaviors before they cause a student to be referred to the criminal justice system.

    Law Enforcement: Working with school administrators, SRO’s investigate criminal violations which involve students as victims or suspects.