• A good friend of mine once told me that school should be treated as a 40 hour per week job.  Therefore, if you spend 30 hours per week in the classroom, then you should devote an additional 10 hours per week outside of the classroom studying, working on homework, etc...  Give it a try.  You will be amazed with your success.  With that, I wish everyone all the best for an amazing 2021-2022 school year!

    "It is better to know how to learn than to know." Theodor Seuss Geisel 

    If you know how to learn, you can pretty much learn anything you need to know.  And for this reason, rather than fill your head with pointless information, it’s better to have the skill of being able to find the information you need rather than to overload the brain. In today’s world of search engine’s it’s much easier than ever to get what you need to know, rather than trying to memorize every little tidbit and factoid.