Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Katherine Maxwell

eaching has been my passion for 19 years. I have taught mathematics courses from Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Pre Calc, and AP Calc. For business courses, I have taught entrepreneurship, business law, business for today, personal finance, and AP Macroeconomics. 

Learning is a journey.
To me, learning is a journey; the goal is out there on the horizon, but the most important aspects are the things gathered, traded, and discovered along the way. As a teacher, it is my job to facilitate the process of learning, to challenge learners intellectually, and to be flexible to accommodate different learning styles. Ideally, my goal for students is to set them on this journey. Along the way, I point out where to gather critical thinking skills and techniques for learning how to learn. Also, I show students the places that trade their mathematical skills for above-average SAT scores, prominent college placements, and successful careers where they can provide for their family’s well-being in the future. 

Finally, I help them discover their own buried treasure of curiosity in the course work and in its application to their own lives. Thus, in my classrooms, I present the adventure of learning, as an expedition of discovery and that each revelation will help students master the skills necessary for college and for life.

There is always more to learn.
As thinking goes, teachers learn as much from their students as students learn from their teachers. Each time I teach, I find that I learn something more about how to motivate students, how to better cover material, and how to build rapport. Several times in each course, I end my lecture by asking students to write down one thing they learned and one thing they have more questions about. In this way, I learn as they learn.

Just jump right in.
I believe that passive learning may work for some students, but active learning energizes the classroom and facilitates meaningful discussions. Often I incorporate an activity that encourages students to utilize their own perceptions of the world to foster movement to a more advanced understanding. Where I support the essential task of covering concepts in a course, I value the time when students jump in and actively learn to expand their knowledge