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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Mathematics Education - Washington College, MD c/o 2000 MA School Counseling - Seton Hall University, NJ c/o 2011

Ms. Cherry

People often ask me why I am a teacher and a coach. 

I teach because I love it when the lightbulb goes off in a student’s brain and they make the connections - they get excited that they “get it.”  They may not LOVE math, but they understand what it is that they are doing and they get excited by that understanding.  This is my 20th year teaching and I have taught all levels of High school math.  There is no better feeling as a teacher than to see it “click” for a student.  They get it, they are proud of the work that they have done.   They have put the effort in and have seen the results of their hard work.

I coach because I want to share the love that I have for swimming with the athletes that I coach.  Sports take a lot of effort and determination (and time!) - anything that’s worthwhile does. Whatever the outcome of any given meet, if the athletes are committed to their team and to the sport, then I am proud of them.  

I love watching my “kids” grow as academics, athletes, but most importantly as people. One of the best parts about my job is hearing back from former “kids” to let me know what they are up to and how they are doing. They aced their math course, they are swimming again, they graduated, they are engaged, married, have kids, whatever is going on in their lives at the moment that they feel is important to share with me. These are the special moments that I treasure. 

My “kids” have taught me as much, if not more than I have ever taught them.  I hope that they continue to grow in positive directions and allow me to watch from the sidelines now as they have moved on from HS and into the world - knowing that I am always here to listen if they need someone to talk to.

This is why I teach and coach