• 1st Major

    Chapter 1 Test: Solving Equations

    1.1 Simple Equations

    1.2 Multi-Step Equations

    1.3 Two Sided Variables

    1.4 Literal Equations

    Monday, September 23rd B Block

    Tuesday, September 24th A Block

    *Please use your Big Ideas Textbook for additional guidance. Sections match with the textbook

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  • The tentative date for the Chapter 1 Test on Equations is scheduled for September 23rd (B) & 24th (A)

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  • Please make sure you have completed 1.1 A Practice HW and review the concepts. You WILL be seeing a quick Do Now Assessment on 1.1. 

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  • Algebra will begin next week, so please come prepare every class to class with your:

    • Math Binder
    • Pencil


    Reminder: Summer Packets are due Monday (B) & Tuesday (A)

    *This will count as a Minor Assessment *

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