• Music is a natural form of expression of the human spirit that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. Ever committed to a well-rounded music education, High School Music Technology Program develops its students into well-rounded, innovative human beings. Our school district provides an extensive arts program, which will enable students to succeed and compete in the global marketplace using the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in conjunction with the New Jersey Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Frameworks and technological exploration. In addition, the purpose of the High School Music Technology program is to introduce and foster the study and practice of where the technology and music worlds intersect. This program can serve all of the following: the student with no prior musical experience, for students who already study an instrument in the school system, for students who take private lessons or for students who have learned about music or an instrument in a less formal fashion.

    This program seeks to expand the students’ horizons as far as musical taste and exposure, while honoring the need for reciprocity. Students will be provided hands-on experience with technology in order to gain a first-hand understanding of the cutting - edge innovations that exist in music technology. They will be able to demonstrate how technology can be used to aid in the recording and presentation of acoustic instruments as well as how electronic music can be produced or recorded. Such music creation will be explored for the variety of purposes for which it can be heard today: live performance, recorded performance, as a soundtrack to video footage, along with other inventive avenues.

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