• Every week a "Workout of the Week" will be posted for you to do at home on your own time.

    Everyone will be required to complete the two assignments a week-

    Monday: Assignment 1 will be posted. This will be under Assignment of the week. Wednesday: Assignment 2 will be posted. This will be under Question of the week. Friday: Both assignments are due by 2pm.

    Please complete both assignments on your virtual day (either m/w or t/th, or fully virtual). This is an all virtual day so I will also be posting a discussion board where you can ask questions that I can answer on a live feed. This will be under Discussion Thread.

    If both assignments are NOT completed by Friday, points will be deducted. You have one week to hand them in for partial credit. After one week, you will receive a 0.

    You will have 3 "major" assignments that will coincide with the activities we are doing in school. They will all be multiple choice exams that you will receive a study guide for. They will be spread out throughout the marking period, so I will post an announcement a week before so you know when it is coming up.

    I encourage you to start using google calendar. It sorts out all of your assignments for you and tells you exactly when they are due and what class they are for. It will get easier the more you do it!

    If you have any questions you can either ask on the live discussion every Friday, or email me at ltorre@barnegatschools.com